The  Cross


 now empty..

stands upon the Hill

The Tomb is open..... 


for nothing holds Him still

     He is in Glory...... 

our new Home to prepare

With God our Father.....

Christ awaits us there




In The Name of  Jesus Messiah 

The Only Name By Which We Must Be Saved 

                  Teachings From The Bible for this 

Tuesday 24   May  2016

today  our programme is entitled


                            Blessings and Shalom        

                   Teachings From The Bible for this 

Tuesday 17  May  2016

today we discuss 



                            Blessings and Shalom       

                    Teachings From The Bible for this 

Tuesday 10  May  2016

today we come to the end of our discussion on



with Part 4

                            Blessings and Shalom      

               Teachings From The Bible for this 

Tuesday 3 May  2016

today continue with




                            Blessings and Shalom     

                    Teachings From The Bible for this 

Tuesday 26  April   2016

today continue on with




                            Blessings and Shalom    


Epiphany Ministries Tasmania 

we pray every Blessing for you all 

in the Name of Jesus Messiah



If you would like to listen to other messages and 

Church worship Services will  find  them 

available for listening and downloading at:  at vimeo

 We were so blessed when we found this on the WWW this morning...what a joy to see these young people....  American Marines praising our God Jehovah...God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...The God Of Israel...AMEN

we pray that you will rejoice with us and be blessed also to the Praise and Glory of HIS Name....Jesus Messiah


 Dear Brother......Dear Sister

 Today is the day


 so come and  accept the  Great Gift of  Salvation

 given freely to all  who call upon 

the Name of  Jesus.....

The very next instant may be too late

So Dear Ones do not on the Name 

                            of Jesus Messiah....

            Your Lord and Saviour.... and mine...

        He will save you and make you His own...


                    Gracious Lord and Saviour, 

   I know that I am a sinner, I am lost and in dire   need, I know that I have  no where else to turn.

If I should die in this, my sin 

I am lost forever.......

            Oh loving Lord, please save me, 

                      I cry to You Lord, 

Save me O Lord and I will be saved.

Heal me and I will be healed.....

     Forgive me my sin and lead me by the  power of 

     Holy Spirit... to put all my hope and trust in                                  You.... Lord Jesus. the loving Name of Jesus .....  

Your Son 

who died for me this I pray 


We urge you in  the Name of Jesus, 

accept the gift of Salvation and Eternal  Life 

offered freely by the One who died  for you.

Jesus said to Nicodemus ...

 "Do not be surprised  

when I tell you...

You Must Be Born Again"
 For He, who promised 
  is Faithful  
  and the Day of the Lord is near.                                                                                         

Here at Epiphany Ministries Tasmania, 

       The entire Bible in which  God has been pleased to reveal  Himself to this sinful and dying 

        World  .... is taught .

       We understand the Bible to be the  literal, infallible and complete Word of  God. 

                                  That we may  not die from lack of knowledge. 

    We long to share the Word of God as it is  written, with all who search for Him....... in the  Mighty 

 Name of our Lord Jesus .......

 Who is  even now before the Throne of Grace making intercession for us all. 

 If you have prayer requests or any comments  or questions  Please send them to us through  our          contact page on this site or to

 Or you can write to us at

 Epiphany Ministries  Tasmania 2/10 Knopwood Lane, Huonville,  Tasmania,7109.

   We assure you that your letters calls and emails will be treated with the greatest of care  and  your    privacy   is assured.

So Dear Ones be filled with Holy Spirit in love and understanding.

We pray for each and every one of you .

         As we love the Word of God we at Epiphany Ministries are careful to use only reliable  

   translations of the Bible . So with this in mind we are pleased to use the

New American Standard  translation of God’s Holy Word.

                                                            For God So Loved The World

That He gave  His only begotten

                         Son                                       John 3:16 




Is a non-Denominational Christian, non profit, Faith based,  Church 

Communion and Worship Service, and radio Bible teaching ministry  

  and internet outreach .

Our Mission

 To preach  faithfully ....... the Word of God in it's entirety. To call the Church back to a Biblical 

 relationship with God .........and to pray for and be a support to the Nation of Israel... Gods chosen 

 people......... in these last days.

    Epiphany Ministries Tasmania...... was founded in 2004 by Dennis & Fiona Brown.     

          We now live in the town of Huonville,Tasmania and we give thanks to God for His leading.

"Teachings from the Bible"

Is the outreach Bible teaching Radio programme....... broadcast every Tuesday from 1~2pm Eastern Australian

Standard Time.......... from the Community Radio Station Huon FM 95.3 & 98.5 in Geeveston Tasmania.

This Bible Teaching outreach programme has been on air for 8 years and has been available on the net at since 2010.

       We give thanks to God in Jesus Name for such a wonderful chance to teach the Word of God in it's entirety.

In January 2012 we aired our  first Church Communion and Worship Service

"A Remnant Church of Grace"

 This was a direct call from the Lord came to us as a complete surprise .....( why are we still surprised by the 

 working of our Lord)...under the circumstances of it's happening. 

 This time of Worship where the Lord's Supper is shared in is held  at The Chapel, The Salvation Army Hall, Wilmot Road,  Huonville ....Sunday Mornings from 10 am...

The Service is  recorded and posted to this site and A Remnant Church of by Sunday evening.

 The Service is designed to reach those who may be bed ridden through age and illness.. or living in rural areas....but of course the Worship of the Lord is not limited to these ...but is available to all..............We also hope and pray

 that people who would not normally be able to attend a Church Service may participate in this time of Worship 

 ......offered ....... in  all reverence and humility.

So don't forget if you would like to join us on Sunday Morning 

Come along   at 10 am


The Chapel 

The Salvation Army Hall

Wilmot Road


 We pray that you will listen........ learn and be blessed the knowledge of the great, mighty and Holy God

 Whom we serve'' His Body through Jesus Messiah........

 So come and join with us as we Worship the Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel in Spirit 

and in Truth.........that we may be in sweet fellowship together.

 We look forward to hearing from you through the various medias we have given on this page....or to meet with  

you ...with offerings of Worship for our Lord and Saviour ...Jesus Messiah on Sunday 10am...

                                                                                     ........You are all most welcome.............Blessings

We celebrate the  Church which belongs to our Lord and Saviour

Jesus Messiah....

He has sent the Holy Spirit be our Guide and Help until the  end of the Church Age...

until the number of the Gentiles is brought in.....

We pray for Your soon return Lord Jesus....and we pray for Your Church...Your Bride..

and for the Remnant in Israel..

That we will be found ready, chaste and looking up ...on the day of Your visitation.....

Maranatha......Come Soon Lord Jesus............Amen

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