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for Prayer.

In Prayer

In view of the recent happenings in this World, especially 

in Iran, Ukraine ,China and North Korea, we urge everyone to pray for these Nations.

Lifting up the Christians in these Nations and sadly others also, where persecution of Christians and Jews is  growing at an ever growing pace.

Pray too for women and children, for the elderly and for those who seek only to live a peaceful life, to earn a living and raise their families in safety.

Pray too for the U.S.A. in these times of uncertainty and crisis, and for the whole World, as we seek to navigate our way through new and intimidating circumstances.

LORD we lift our hands to YOU on the behalf of those who

cannot, and raise our prayers according to 


This we pray in the precious Name 

of JESUS our LORD.

Dear Brothers and Sisters  in Messiah Jesus.

Please watch all that is happening in Israel and the Middle East In these uncertain days.

 Be watchmen on the walls 

for the sake of Israel and Jerusalem, 

     God's Holy Land, His City and His Holy Mountain       The place for His own Feet.     

  The people of Israel, continue to face perilous times, the ravening   wolves are gathering, wanting to put an end to the Sovereign State   of Israel, whose People,God has brought back to His Holy Land, 

  as He promised .

 Pray that Our Father in Heaven, the God of Abraham, Isaac and   Jacob will hedge them round, and be a sword before them for   defence and a shield behind them for their protection.

Pray, Dear Ones, that no weapon forged against 

Israel will prosper.


 Pray for the I.D.F. that they will call on the Name of the Lord   

 in the day of battle, that they will rely only on His might and   power and give the Glory to Him.

 Because in that day He has promised that it will be undeniably   obvious that the victory is not theirs but belongs to GOD.

                 "They will know there is a God in Israel".


 Pray that Her enemies, within and without will be vanquished as     our Lord and Saviour has promised, for He is the God of   righteousness and we can rely and trust in every word which He   

   has given us and in every promise which He,the Holy One of    Israel has made. 

  So, Let us pray for Prime Minister Mr Netanyahu ..for   strength and endurance we must pray for unity within the   Government, that the LORD GOD will lead them to look to HIM for   effective rule and Governance  in these difficult days.

  We pray for every Israeli Citizen who is working or holidaying   away from Israel, and for the Jewish people everywhere for safety.   We lift our prayers for them and for our Christian Brothers and   Sisters in similar situations as we see the World darken around us   and evil prevail upon the Earth more and more, that we will strive   to keep our focus on our LORD JESUS, that we may not grow weary   and lose heart.

 We pray for the Jews who have in these last days come to     a knowledge of  who Messiah is and that many more will be drawn    to Jesus knowing that He is the  promised Holy One of Israel for     the safety of the politicians and those who travel to other     Countries in a diplomatic capacity, 

 We ask Your cover for Jewish people everywhere but especially   those in the Middle East and other Muslim countries, as they go   about their daily lives, we pray this Lord for Your Church, Your   

 Bride also.

 Lord when Moses held up his arms and prayed in the day of battle   in the wilderness, You were with him and heard his prayer...we   pray that the soldiers of Israel will  call on You  in the coming     battle and Lord that You will hear their prayer and give them Your   strong right arm.

 LORD JESUS  we pray for Your soon return for Your Church but   also to Your chosen People Israel, Maranatha. In Your Holy Name,   Lord we pray for the enemies of  Israel, that You Lord will have   mercy on them, that they may not be lost to eternal fire, that even   a few of them may have a change of heart and be saved….Amen.

 Pray for our sick and injured, that Our Lord in His infinite mercy,   in answer to our prayers and requests made in faith and belief,   would stretch HIS hand out to those suffering the pains and ills of    this world and heal them, to the Glory of HIs Name and as always   we pray for the Bride of Christ,for unity, for the truth of Your Word   to be preached in these days,and that the apathy so evident today   will be wiped away.

 In Your Holy Name we pray for each other, no matter who,no

  matter where, for the joy of our Salvation and the Peace that     passes all understanding.

  Lord, we thank You for all Your Blessings showered upon a     disobedient and rebellious people…Thank You for Your mercy and   grace poured  out on us all.....


So call on Him who is King of Israel,

" Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the people of Israel".

To Him who rules our lives, be the Power, the Honour and the  Glory forever 

      Maranatha ~~~ Come Soon LORD JESUS.

       "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find ,

     Knock and it shall be open to you. 

         For all  who ask receives, and he who seeks finds 

and to him who knocks

 the door shall be open to him".   Matthew 7:7~8

So LORD JESUS we say.....

 Thy kingdom come, 

Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven 




       Watchmen.....Let us Pray.         

  The whole Earth has need of our prayers in these days.

  Pray for the true Church of God that we may be found ready and      waiting for our God and Bridegroom the Lord Jesus when He   

 comes to bring to Resurrection those who have  gone before us

  and the taking up of we who are left awake at His coming.

   Pray for our dear Brothers and Sisters who are coming out of the  

 darkness of false religions and belief systems into the Glorious   

 Light of His   Love and Salvation.

 Pray for their protection from oppression and the ministrations of  

 the enemy. To this end I would ask you to add your prayers   to mine for the Ministry of Jossy and those  who serve  

 with "Impart" ,bringing the Gospel of God, The Good News,

  to those in  Northern India who have not even heard 

 the Name of Jesus our Saviour.

 Pray for the brave souls who work in the field, planting the     

 Churches in  Northern India as Brother Jossey envisioned when he 

 and his   fellow labourers  were called to this great work.

  We pray for endurance, courage, patience, and the mighty

 provision of God to be poured out on them, and on all who labour

 for the Salvation of Souls in this World today.

  We also ask in the Lord Jesus Name that You, Lord God of Heaven

 and  Earth  would be a  hedge  and a protection for them and for  

 all who do Your work Lord, that in the day of   persecution and 

 trife  we may all standup under the onslaught and be faithful,

 tireless witnesses to the world in Your Name and for Your Glory. 

  But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your  most holy faith,

 praying in the Holy  Spirit. Jude 1:20

 We pray that those who are enemies of the Word and who would     oppress Your people Lord  and  bring them to trial and torture,   because  of   their love for Jesus.

 That these  very enemies may see the Light because of the love 

 and strength of these Dear Ones and also be saved.

 Pray for the Church which belongs to GOD which is under attack 

 in these days from the evil one who would bring down Christ's 

 Church and render it useless and ineffectual, through false 

 teachers, false Shepherds and wolves. They who come to tear to

 kill and to  destroy so that there would not be a Spiritual 

 Inheritance belonging to the LORD JESUS to take Home to be with

 HIM where HE is in our FATHER'S HOUSE. 

 Pray for the soon return of Messiah Jesus for His Church, His Bride, and for

 the Marriage  Supper of the Lamb...

Maranatha, even so, come Lord Jesus .

 Pray for America at this time and especially for our  Christian and Jewish  Brothers and  Sisters there.

 There are hard times coming and we pray that Governments  will recognize the peril in which they stand.

 Chiefly, because of their opposition to Israel and because of the stance which is taken by their Leaders.

  Pray that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob may open their eyes before it is too late and pray that GOD will bring their

 Leaders to repentance also before it is to late for them also.

 Let us also pray that the Jews who are living in lands other than Israel, will heed the calling

 of God and return in obedience to Israel and not be like  those who in disobedience did not return from Babylon when the 

  70 Years of their exile was completed....

Don't  remain in Babylon...........

Most of all, as we have so often said before,

 Pray for Israel,

 that no weapon forged against her will prosper.

For if Israel fails we will  fail too

 Consider this, Jesus Messiah is coming to take His Church (The Bride of 

  Christ) out of this  world, but He is coming  back to Israel, as their King 

 and the ruler of the whole world.

  If Israel is not in the Land, what then? Think about it.

 So pray for Israel as a Nation before God, Sovereign  and upheld   

 by God.

 Pray for the Government of Israel that they remain firm and not 

 sell out on

 the Nation of  God's Holy  and Sovereign Choice.

  And we should also pray for the completion of all things which 

  have been 

  prophesied by  God through the Prophets and the Apostles.

The end of all things is near; 


be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of Prayer

                                1 Peter 4:7



  God exhorts us to pray, to weary Him with our prayers till He 

 makes  Jerusalem a shining light to the Nations.

 God our Holy God is Sovereign, Holy and all powerful. Lift up your

  hands in  Praise to Him  who Saves and has loved us so much that

 He sent His one and  only Son, Our Lord Jesus, to die in our  place   and to pay the price which we had no hope of ever being able to   pay.


                          God Bless you all.


    Yours In the Love which only Jesus brings.


                                        Pastor Dennis Brown              

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