Epiphany Ministries Tasmania


Epiphany Ministries Tasmania

        Is a  Faith based, not for profit, 

     non Denominational, Christian Ministry

Our Mission

To preach the Word of God, the Gospel in its entirety 

 and to call the Church back to a Biblical Relationship with God.

We Believe

The Scriptures are the complete, infallible and inspired Word of God.

2 Timothy 3:16

God has been pleased to reveal Himself in His written word, His purposes, His ways and His provision of a Saviour, (the Lord Jesus Messiah) for sinful man, all of which demand universal reverence, adoration and worship.             

 God is One:                    1 Timothy 2:5

 The Father is One:    Philippians 2:11 & Deuteronomy 6:4

 Jesus is God:                 Mathew 1:23

 Holy Spirit is God:     Acts 5:3 ~4 ~9

 Plurality in Oneness: Genesis 1:26 Having no need of anything:

 Acts 17:25 

 His eternal power and Divinity are witnessed in His creation 

 (Romans 1:2)

 But He has revealed Himself to us in the person of Our Lord Jesus   

Messiah  1John1:1~14). 

 God is Sovereign: He will do as He wills in His own affairs, unhindered   

 by man in any way, Matthew 3:9, Luke 3:8, Romans 9:14~29, 

 Matthew 20:1~16

 The Divine inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:16

 The Deity of Jesus: John1:1~3,The virgin birth of Jesus Messiah: 

 Matthew 1:18~25.            

 The Substitution Blood Atonement: Mark 14:23~24

 The bodily Resurrection and pre Millennial second coming of  

     Jesus Messiah:                Luke 21: & Matthew 25:31~34


 The State of Israel:   Both ancient and modern is God’s earthly   inheritance and JESUS is their MESSIAH and KING. (Romans 9~10 &11)

 The Church is the Bride of Christ : And GOD's spiritual inheritance, awaiting the Marriage Supper of the LAMB (Revelation 19:7 &

 Matthew 22:1~4)

 Both Israel and the Church: Shall become one New Man before GOD   and equal heirs in the Body of CHRIST (Ephesians 2:22 & 3:6)

 The Manifestations of the Holy Spirit:   In keeping with His presence   from  Pentecost to the taking up of the Church (Ephesians3:10 &           1Corinth12:)

 The Total Depravity of Man: Man can never choose good over evil in   the spiritual realm. Faith is GOD’s gift to the sinner not the sinner's gift to GOD

(Deuteronomy 32:20, Romans 3:10~17, Ephesians 2:8 & Isaiah 64:6~7)

 Unconditional Election:  GOD gives faith and repentance to each   individual HE chooses.These acts are the result, not the cause of GOD'S choice for the sinner not the  sinners’ choice of GOD in CHRIST.(Romans 9:11.1Peter 2:9.Romans2:4 &  2Thessalonians2:13)

 Particular Redemption:  The Holy Spirit applies the gift of Faith to all given to JESUS  Messiah by HIS FATHER. The gifts and calling of GOD are without repentance. Salvation once received, is guaranteed (Romans 8:29~39 & John 6:35~40)

 Irresistible Grace:  The external call of the Gospel can be   rejected, the internal call  cannot. (1 Peter 1:2, Philippians 2:12~13 &  Ephesians 1:3~14, Matthew 22:14)

 New Birth: We become children of GOD...1 John 3:2 &                 Romans  8:15~17)

 All Born Again Christians: Chosen and redeemed recipients of Faith by the Holy Spirit are secure in their Salvation. (1Peter1:5,1Corinthians1:8  & Jude 24:25)

 Church Government: The Church is by nature under the direction of   GOD. JESUS Messiah as Son over GOD'S house will exercise HIS   authority via the Scriptures,  through qualified male Elders and   Deacons  etc as it is laid out for us in Scripture. Authority flows down from Messiah, not up from the people. The Church therefore is a Theocracy not a  Democracy.

 Ministry: As in Salvation, Ministry responds to a calling not a   volunteering, and must be for the building up and edification of the Church.

 Baptism: Is the outward expression of the inward position. Baptism   replaces  circumcision in the Church and therefore includes children   within the Christian household. Children are baptized on the Faith on   their parents.

 Holy Communion, The Table of the Lord:  All who confess   JESUS Messiah     as the only begotten SON of GOD coming in the flesh,   in Whom dwells the fullness of the  GODHEAD BODILY, participate in   the ONE LOAF.  (1Corinthians11:23~26) . Any under Church  discipline   or holding unresolved issues with a brother, should abstain until the   situation is  dealt with. The responsibility for the maintenance of their   position, rests with the individual  as well as the assembly   (1Corinthians11:27~34 ).

            The Word of God we believe and teach in it's entirety

In the Name of JESUS MESSIAH.

 The ONE who came to save us.

The ONE who gave us these Words..... IN THE BEGINNING . Amen

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