Death and Resurrection of JESUS


An Island State of Australia.

It is a beautiful peaceful Island

with majestic mountain views,

beautiful lakes and sweet flowing rivers  

where you can fish in season 

for trout.

The lakes and beaches are a must, 

 and a boat ride on Hobart Harbour, well you can't beat it.  

The Cities and towns are 

friendly, easy to navigate  and we love to see visitors

 come to our shores.

The Tasmania's climate is 

moderate, cool winters and 

mild to warm summers 

with glorious colours in 

Autumn and really pretty

Spring flowers and new growth

and plenty of lambs

come visit, you won't be sorry

Tasmania's Beauty

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  Dear Friend.

    You can contact us at any time, 

we are waiting for your call, letter, 

 or text.

   Whichever way you wish to


we will answer your questions

confidentially, quickly and with the 

true teaching of GOD 

through His Holy Word.

   The contact window opposite will 

get you through to 


            Our postal address is:

 18/7 Pine Lane



     Mobile  Phone no:  0417 382 702.

                           Or:   0405 094 347

                 We look forward 

              to hearing from you.


we also hold regular Bible Studies 

You are welcome to join us 

call or text on above phone contacts

So  Till Then                

May the Lord bless you 

and keep you,

May He make His face

 to shine upon you

And give you peace.

I Hold you in the palm of MY hand

With love in the precious 





Dennis & Fiona Brown

some one is praying for you