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For Zions sake I will not keep silent, 
 and for Jerusalem's sake I will not remain quiet, 
  until her righteousness goes forth like brightness, 
                    and her Salvation like a torch that is burning       
         Isaiah 62:1

Walls of Jerusalem

As long as the Jewish spirit is yearning deep in the heart,

With eyes turned toward the East, looking toward Zion,

Then our hope - the two-thousand-year-old hope - will not be lost:

To be a free people in our land, 

The Land of  Zion and Jerusalem.


Finally in these Last Days someone among the Nations has the courage 

to recognize the true Sovereignty of ISRAEL, in recognising JERUSALEM

as the true Capital of the Nation.

For GOD has indeed said the HE has made Jerusalem the place for HIS own feet

Indeed we give all praise and glory to HIM the HOLY ONE of Israel

The G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Study the Word of God that you may be approved

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            Israel in the Eyes of God.



In the eyes of God, the God of Abraham, 

Isaac and  Jacob, there exists only three 

Nations on the Earth, that are of  

consequence to Him. 

 Certainly God so loved the World that He sent His  only Son to   

 bring  in the  Age of Grace, by His atoning  death on  the cross  

 of  Calvary, at  Jerusalem, in Israel.

                                  So, who are these three groups of people.

    1.   Israel, the Jews, God's chosen people, His earthly inheritance.

   2.  His Church, His spiritual inheritance, taken first from Israel then   from the Gentile Nations.  (Romans 1:16.)

   3.  The Gentiles, everybody else on this earth.

  In A.D.70 Jerusalem was destroyed and the Jews scattered. But 1878   years later "The Fig Tree" came to life again.  (see Matthew 24:32-35.)

  This was no cosmic accident. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob     brought  Israel back to the land of promise, even in unbelief.                                           (Ezekiel 36:24-27, &39:22-29).    

  The LORD GOD has done this thing and will sustain His people Israel   despite   the frantic efforts of the Gentile Nations to destroy His people   and drive them   back into oblivion by attempting to divide His, God's   land and subvert His   purpose.

  Oh foolish Gentiles, Your leaders pitch their Nations against God, by   doing that  which  they think to be right in their own eyes, trying to   divide God's land, Israel, to their own peril. (Read Joel 3:1-2 &             Daniel 36:45.

  The LORD, Jesus Messiah, the proclaimed and crowned King of Israel is soon to   return to His chosen people, Israel.

 He will take up His throne on His Holy Mountain, the Temple Mount in   Jerusalem, wiped clean of any blasphemous statement or presence, and from there   He will rule this World with a rod of Iron.

       HE will judge the Church, his Bride.

       HE will judge Israel, His people.

       HE will judge the Gentile Nations and their ruler.

   To the Church we say, don't be arrogant towards Israel.       (Romans 11:18-24.)  

 The Church of Jesus Messiah has not replaced Israel.

  We stand because they stumbled and as judgement begins in the   House of God   via  the "Rapture"(who is taken and who is left behind)   we should have a love for God's  people, Israel. You wouldn't want to stand before Messiah Jesus and be   asked by Him "What is this problem you have with the Jews," would you? After all,   Jesus Messiah is Jewish.

  Remember the people of Israel  are just like any other Nation, they   stand in   unbelief, BUT God will bring Israel back to Himself when they   say "Blessed is He   who comes in the Name of the Lord", and they will do this.                                           (See Matthew 23:37  to 24"39

    To Israel we say "Your Messiah and King is coming, prepare for Him".

    To the Church we say "Look up, your Redemption draweth nigh".

    To the Gentiles we say :"For God so loved the World that He gave His only   begotten Son that who so ever believes  in Him shall not perish but have eternal     life".(John 3:16.)

   You must be Born Again (John 3:3.) or you will surely die.   

         Shalom Haverim

       In The Book of Ruth we see.                                                     

               Boaz a type and example of Messiah JESUS                                                           Naomi a type or picture of Israel  

        And Ruth a type or picture of the Church  

  But we must remember Naomi is Ruth's Mother-in-Law .

    think about it.                    

                             Pray for the peace of  Jerusalem,

                           They shall prosper who love Thee.


   At Epiphany Ministries Tasmania, we uphold and defend the 

     right of Israel to exist as a Nation before GOD in these Last Days






Support Israel in prayer
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